Bowden Life

Bowden has always attracted people craving a great community vibe. From the factory workers of yesteryear to today’s creative and adventurous spirits, there’s more to Bowden than the perfect urban location.

Meet the neighbours #1

Since moving into Bowden, writer Barbara and her husband Warren, a retired school teacher, have been enjoying Bowden’s smaller community touches like the Gibson Street Book Exchange.

“I just like that whole atmosphere… It feels very community-based. Everyone can use it and everyone looks after it.”

Meet the neighbours #2

Rachael, Brandon and Soda the pug love Bowden’s walkable design and open spaces.

“We love being able to take Soda walking through the streets and parks here. Every time we go a different way, we find something new or different has popped up.”

Meet the neighbours #3

Nathan, Toe and Naoto live on Seventh Street and are one of our first residents.

“We love the proximity to the city and the parks, and the space we have here is perfect for our lifestyle.”

Meet the neighbours #4

South Australian culinary legend Chris Jarmer and his vibrant wife Linda have brought their passion for great food and home grown produce to Bowden with Jarmer’s Kitchen.

“Bowden is such a diverse suburb… we’re feeding such a diverse crowd and it’s really fun.”

Meet the neighbours #5

Rachael Will is passionate about giving old things new life. Her store Vintage Carousel does just that, providing locals with gorgeous vintage homewares, fashion and jewellery.

Her shop encapsulates one of Bowden’s greatest traits: a place where the stunning old meets the striking new.

Join the bike community at Adelaide Bike Kitchen, or start your own neighbourhood group.

Enjoy a night out with local musicians performing at The Excelsior, The Wheaty, The Southwark, The Gaslight Tavern and The Gov.

Bowden’s hand-made bricks built Adelaide. Now Bowden’s hands are getting funky.

Watch ‘Air Piano’ featuring Tim Haslem, Peter the Piano Man and the people of the inner-west and directed by Mark Evans.

A tune about the power of friendship…

Kind of appropriate since Bowden gave us SA Gas Co and Clipsal.

Bowden Life